Ron Neville

Ron Neville

An entrepreneur in the software industry creating Rental management solutions.

As an entrepreneur in the software industry creating outsourced management solutions for the small business sector, Ron can speak from extensive first-hand experience and has a deep understanding of the hire & Rental industry. He has listened and collaborated with  industry professionals and constantly redesigned and developed the CloudRent product to meet customer and industry requirements.

Ron is quite unique in the development world as he not only possesses an analytical mind for coding, but has a great eye for design and in particular interface design.

Coming from a professional musician’s background as a guitarist/singer, Ron saw the need to create a booking system where he could easily track his gigs, ensuring that he not only prevented missed bookings but also created the necessary billing and other management information needed to run a musician’s busy lifestyle business.

Starting out with the objective of meeting his small business needs, Ron started to see the potential in creating software that could be made available on an outsourced and managed supply basis to others in the musical and entertainment industry and so the software company was born. This led to the development of the core infrastructure that has been sold to Hire & Rental business’s in 25+ countries over the past 14 years.