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CloudRent is an exciting and rapidly growing company with industry-leading technology, with a strong team and proven customer-first approach.

Why CloudRent Holds the Key to Success:
  • Industry-leading technology: Our cloud-based SaaS revolutionizes the rental landscape, blending cutting-edge AI with seamless user experiences.
  • Proven customer-first approach: We prioritize customer satisfaction, drive loyalty, and set new industry standards.
  • Global footprint: CloudRent is already making waves internationally with a diverse international clientele.

Imagine a world where rentals are more innovative, efficient, and customer-centric. With CloudRent, this vision becomes a reality.

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CloudRent Pty Ltd was established in 2017 by CEO Ron Neville, who as a musician developed an application to manage his bookings.

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After years of investment and extensive engagement with our customers and the rental hire industry, we completed the development of our full SaaS cloud-based rental and inventory management solution in May 2023.

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CloudRent proudly launched CloudRent SaaS on Wednesday, 24th May 2023 at the Hire & Rental Expo, HIRE23 event in Homebush, Sydney, Australia.

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Global Customers

Recently won significant large new customer deals, including a large +$100b market cap customer in the United States.

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Advanced Solution

CloudRent’s solution is one of the most advanced full SaaS cloud-based rental and inventory management solutions available, and we are embarking on a global expansion initiative and entering into new regions and verticals.

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We have recently completed the development of our new CloudRent Market Place which we will soon be launching. This is going to be epic!

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