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Discover the unparalleled benefits of CloudRent, a cutting-edge inventory rental app that revolutionizes how businesses manage their inventory and operations. With CloudRent, companies across various industries can enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of a cloud-based platform, accessible on any deviceanywhere.

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Why CloudRent?

Since 2004, CloudRent has been a pioneer in the rental and hire software industry. With over two decades of experience in rental management, CloudRent leverages advanced technology to enhance operational efficiency.

Choosing CloudRent ensures partnership with a leader in global rental solutions, helping businesses streamline their processes and elevate their operations.

CloudRent embodies innovation, empowerment, and dynamism, targeting ambitious entrepreneurs eager to advance their businesses using top-tier, cloud-based technologies. 

Xero, MYOB, QB integration

Check out the CloudRent Modules below

Cloud-Based Web App: Revolutionize Your Booking Experience

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our Cloud-Based Web App for Bookings & Reservations, a masterpiece crafted on the robust Facebook’s React.JS platform. This state-of-the-art, cloud-hosted solution is designed to elevate your rental operations to the pinnacle of operational excellence.

Experience the seamless integration of advanced inventory management, sophisticated scheduling, and proactive maintenance management features.

CloudRent Inventory Rental Software showing dashboard and jobs by colored status

CloudRent Inventory: Precision Asset Management

Unlock the full potential of your assets with CloudRent Inventory. Our advanced management features ensure accurate tracking, optimal utilization, and extended asset life.

Tailored for ambitious businesses, this tool empowers you to achieve operational excellence and maximize asset performance.

Step into the future of inventory management with CloudRent.

CloudRent Rental Inventory

Financial Integration: Seamless Financial Ecosystem

Embrace the future of financial management with CloudRent SaaS. Our platform seamlessly integrates with premier accounting solutions like Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB, facilitating effortless transaction management, invoicing, billing, and financial reporting. Transform your financial operations with our robust integration, tailored for growth-minded enterprises seeking unparalleled efficiency.

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CloudRent Financials

Easily maintain and service your rental inventory

Our Service & Maintenance module revolutionizes asset management by meticulously tracking and scheduling maintenance tasks.

Ensure the optimal performance and extended lifespan of your assets with this cutting-edge feature, designed to keep your inventory system running smoothly and efficiently. Perfect for ambitious businesses aiming for peak operational excellence.

Inventory Maintenance and service

Point Of Sale (POS): Revolutionize Your Sales Experience

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with the CloudRent POS system.

This integrated solution offers seamless service quotes, product sales, and invoicing, catering to all your sales needs. Designed for forward-thinking businesses, our POS system is a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service.

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CloudRent POS

Customer Management: Forge Lasting Connections

Transform your customer relations with our comprehensive Customer Management system. Centralize records, track service history, and enhance communication effortlessly.

Our platform is crafted for businesses dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences through a user-friendly interface and customizable reports. Elevate your customer service to new heights.

CloudRent Rental customers

Simple Logistics: Elevate Your Operational Workflow

Revolutionize your logistics with our Simple Logistics feature, designed to streamline your crew planning, deliveries, service calls, and billing processes.

This powerful tool simplifies complex operations, ensuring seamless coordination and execution. Ideal for dynamic businesses ready to enhance efficiency and drive success through optimized logistics.

CloudRent Logistics making deliveries and collections easy

CloudRent Calendars: Master Your Scheduling

Discover the ultimate scheduling solution with CloudRent Calendars. Our intuitive interface offers monthly, weekly, and daily views, enriched with color-coded statuses for unparalleled clarity.

Master your booking management with this innovative tool, designed for businesses eager to advance their operational precision and customer satisfaction.

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CloudRent Calendars

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Mobile App for On the road

Deliveries, Service calls, GPS tracking, signatures and inventory damage management

CloudRent is revolutionizing the rental management industry with its cutting-edge app, designed to streamline every aspect of inventory management and customer service. 

From seamless inventory tracking to real-time availabilities, CloudRent empowers you to maximise productivity and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Compatible with Android and Apple devices, our State-of-the-Art app captures signatures with a single tap and instantly records damaged inventory photos to create damage invoices.

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CloudRent Android iphone App

Online Web Store

Online Booking Management

Release Date: July 2024

Our online store, seamlessly integrates with our cloud-based rental software, serving as the gateway to a world of simplicity and convenience. Designed with our clients and their customers in mind, it offers a user-friendly experience that streamlines the entire rental process.

CloudRent Online Rental Store

Real-time availabilities

Streamline Operations

Unleash Your Sales Potential

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Boost Conversion Rates

Empower Your Customers

The Power of CloudRent Kart!

Integrating an online cart directly into your CloudRent rental software not only opens the door to seamless, round-the-clock revenue generation but also simplifies the rental process from start to finish, ensuring a smoother experience for both your team and customers. This powerful feature empowers your clients to choose, reserve, and manage their rentals anytime and anywhere, directly from their devices, enhancing convenience and operational efficiency.

Cloudrent Online Store

Future proof with AI

Rental Technology Innovation

In an era where technology is the key to staying ahead, CloudRent is at the forefront, gearing up to revolutionise the hire and rental industry. With our cloud-based CloudRent SaaS we are in a position to leverage AI more effectively than any of our competition who are still dependent on legacy on-premise solutions and capability.

We are able to easily adopt and build in AI capability into our solution rapidly



What our clients say

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Theo Tsorvas

Consolidated Group

Consolidated joined  so that we could consolidate our business needs in all aspects of management in the civil, mining and transportation sectors.  is understanding our needs and building an onboarding, training and safety management system to manage workflow, maintenance and job details.

5 Star
Cameron Drake-Brockman

Cameron Drake - Brockman

HireRite Temporary Fence

Finally, a rental software system that uses the latest technology so we can access our database from anywhere on mobile and desktop. CloudRent is much more than just an invoicing and logistics tool – it simplifies deliveries and collections for us with its easy-to-navigate interface! I love how Xero accounting integrates with CloudRent.

5 Star

David Duncalfe

Excel Events

Sub rentals and inventory management has always been an issue in other software we have used. The guys at  are always there for you. When my team needs support, they’re quick to help with any issue promptly! We have been adding input to the latest version and believe it’s the 

5 Star

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Earth Communications
Hire Rite Temporary Fencing
Consolidated Group
Excel Events
Event Services International
Flexxi Fence
Red Star Temporary Fence
Bax AV
QLD Safety Fence
Bay Events
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