Easy access dashboard.

Fingertip access to key areas of your business ... Returns, deliveries, damages, bonds, deposits, POS and a graph to tell you how your business is going. Here you can view the bookings for a week, last week, last month etc. Can also be sorted by status e.g. ACTIVE JOB PAID, ACTIVE JOB UNPAID, QUOTE, ACCOUNT, OUTSTANDING ITEMS....

Easy access buttons on the right hand side of the jobs allow you access to the key areas of your business such as payments, invoices, freight and over booking/sub rentals.

CloudRent ScreenShot - Rental Software

Rental Screen - Main

This is where it all happens and your jobs are created... Bottom left indicators tell you the status of invoices, payments, dispatch and sub rentals. SMS delivery confirmation and an audit trail of who does what.

Rental screen main

Rental Screen - Add items

Items can be added to a job by scanning or to make it really quick, you can click on the green field on the left, add an amount and when your finish click "Pull Items" below the list and items selected will be pulled into the job. Folders and groups can be created and items are drag and drop to order on the list.

booking screen cloudrent

Inventory Security

Using your iPad or iPhone you can take pictures of damages which can be appended to damage invoices, take signatures, take face shots and license shots of the person renting your inventory. If your inventory doesn't come back you will need this information to give to the Police... CloudRent reduces theft!

CloudRent sub rental

Sub Rental

One of the biggest headaches for Hire and Rental companies is sub rental. Not having enough stock to fulfil an order. CloudRent takes this hassle totally out of your life with a couple of clicks... Realtime availability protection ensures you will never overbook an inventory item again.

CloudRent sub rental

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Calendars.

View your jobs daily, weekly, monthly or horizontal which allows you to see out 20 weeks into the future.... Everything is drag and drop and you can sort by job type, job status, task, service or maintenance.

Cloudrent Calendars

Accounting is a breeze

All your outstanding accounts in one place... Send reminders, manage long term rental, track invoices and payments. Connect to accounting packages such as Xero and Quickbooks.

CloudRent Accounting

Task Management

Task can be created for services, maintenance, appointments and assigned to resources such as trucks or humans. An indicator on the NavBar tells you the number of outstanding tasks you have to complete which can be viewed and actioned in a couple of clicks. 

CloudRent Tasks

Great Documents

Send any document to PDF and you can append important documents relating to work safety to contracts, checklists etc. Send out contracts and quotes with pictures of the items on the document and even create product brochures.

CloudRent Documents

Clients and Suppliers

CloudRent allows you to see all the relevant data for your client list related to accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Send your client SMS or emails, all which are tracked in Contact Management.

CloudRent Clients

Inventory Management

Create kits, track serial numbers, depreciation, loss, orders and maintenance on all inventory items in the software. Create Product description brochures on the fly for enquiring clients and CloudRent even allows you to collect signatures on OSX devices when delivering or collecting inventory.

CloudRent InventoryCloudRent Barcode Scanning

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We love this software

What our clients say...

Finally, a rental software system that uses the latest technology so we can access our system from anywhere and on any device. And CloudRent is much more than just a hire system, it massively simplifies our logistics management and our invoicing. I love how CloudRent integrates with Xero accounting.

Cameron Drake-Brockman
Hire Rite Temporary Fence

Prestige Weddings and Events have had 9 users using this software since 2007. The guys have been great to work with and always prompt with support and assistance when required. We have been adding input into the latest version and believe it's the best Rental software on the market!

Marcos Preller
Prestige Weddings and Events

Really love the software and were one of CloudRent's first customers. We have been using their software since 2006 and the guys have always been accessible and any issues encountered were minimised through prompt attention & support.

Aidan Corbley
The Party Hire Place

Guys I would personally like to thank you for not only the outstanding product you have provided us with, but also the outstanding service and support you have given to us in the production and roll out phase of the CloudRent Software Application.

Mark Wood
Planet Hire

This software has become an invaluable part of our company, increasing productivity and eliminating repeated entering of information. Since installation at the start of the year Ron and his team have been extremely flexible with their service, happily taking our requests and answering questions. CloudRent is an absolute gem and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Ryan Murray
Sydneywide Party Hire
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