August 27, 2023

Streamlined Sub Rental Management with CloudRent Rental Software

Sub Rentals or Cross Hire is made easy with Cloudrent software

Streamlined Sub Rental Management with CloudRent Rental Software

Globally, inventory rental companies actively confront a common challenge – the complex process of sub-rentals or cross-hires. This process involves sub-leasing equipment from other suppliers at a lower rate and renting it to end customers. Efficiently navigating and managing this process for rental businesses can result in significant gains.

Consider this scenario: 

Bob from Ford Australia reaches out to Marcus from Prestige Weddings and Events to lease equipment for a significant conference. Unfortunately, Marcus does not have enough supplies to fulfil Bob's requirements. Subsequently, Marcus contacts Ryan from Sydney Wide Hire and other suppliers to meet the demand. Then begins the daunting task of organising the delivery and pickup of the items from each supplier, tracking the return of the equipment, and managing the cost of sub-renting. It's safe to say that this is a significant pain point in the rental industry worldwide!

Sub-Rental is a major headache for the Hire & Rental industry globally!

Are you tired of the stress and complications? The solution is here - CloudRent Hire & Rental Software.

As users create a rental order for a client, the CloudRent software instantly alerts them if the inventory is insufficient. Users can then choose to either proceed or opt for an alternative item.

CloudRent Sub Rental
Shows availability of items

Intuitively, the software highlights the inventory shortfall in red before including it in the work order. Should users decide to continue, the software adds the shortfall to a sub-rental list.

It marks the job with colour-coded indicators denoting the sub-rental status (Pending, Ordered, or Received).

Sub Rental Indicators
Sub Rental Indicators

CloudRent Hire & Rental Software empowers users to specify a sub-rental supplier, input descriptive notes for each item, offer delivery instructions, and create a Purchase Order, which gets emailed to the supplier. As a result, the software accurately tracks and accounts for the sub-rental cost against the rental.

CloudRent Sub Rental issues solved
Sub Rental screen show over-booked items

Using the user-friendly dashboard, you can effortlessly generate detailed sub-rental reports by clicking on specific date ranges (Today, tomorrow, this week, next week). Print, email, or export these reports to Excel format with ease. The unmatched convenience of CloudRent's intuitive reporting system simplifies the rental process for businesses.

CloudRent Sub Rental messages
Create many types of Rental Reports easily!

For a demonstration of the software email us at and we will show how simply and easily you can manage your business with CloudRent.

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